5 Ways To Prevent Pests At Home

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5 Ways To Prevent Pests At Home

Be it summer or winter, pests always find a way to survive in your house. They are familiar with human behavior. Therefore for years pests have resided in your households and been successful in spreading infection, diseases like diarrhea, and several types of allergies. 

Therefore it is essential that you change your habits. While you may think that pest control service by professionals can be your one-stop solution. But you can't appoint these services frequently. There are many other constraints related to it. Such as you need to make prior arrangements to prevent the harmful chemical sprays from hampering your belongings. 

Here in this article, We will be briefing on the simple tips and tricks to prevent the entry of such unwanted guests to your house. You can consider the following points. 

Tip 1- Never leave your leftover foods on the kitchen platforms and gas stoves. They are like an open invitation to ants and cockroaches. Spilled drinks and eaten rotten foods should be thrown away and the place should be cleaned with detergents to prevent any odor to cover the environment. You should do these before sleeping and switching off the lights in your kitchen. Clean your fridges for stale foods and rotten fruits and vegetables. 

Tip 2- Cover the lids of all your dustbins and dispose of them off in the dumpsters as soon as possible. These will keep the pests away from littering on your floors and kitchen cabinets. If you have kids and pets in your house, you need to be more careful while handling the dustbins. 

Tip 3- Broken grounds and leaking pipelines are the pathways for the pests. Pests like to breed in places where it is moist and dark. So fix them before there is flooding in your rooftops and walls. Do not allow water to stagnate in tanks and holes in your garden. If you live in a bushy place, there may be trees hanging on your roofs. So that may serve as pests to directly invade your house. You can go for their removal and try planting some meters away from your house. 

Tip 4- Cover your windows with screens and add mesh to them. This will prevent your kids from getting in direct contact with the flying cockroaches and bees and wasps. Prevent cluttering of used clothes and furniture. They are like a safe house for silverfish and podiums. This may lead to the development of allergies to dust.

Tip 5- Some of the organic products like essential oils, baking soda and sugar paste, borax, and sugar mix, can be used to repel cockroaches and other pests. Essential oils like peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and catnip oil have been proved to repel pests effectively. 


I hope the above tips must have motivated you to take conducive steps to control the invasion of pests into your house. Lastly, if the population has moved out of control, then you should definitely book an appointment for professional pest control services

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