What to Do in The Event of a Hot Water Burst?

Alyssa Moylan Dec 05, 2019 0 644

In modern bathroom amenities, a hot water system is now commonplace, what is a hot water system? Unlike traditional methods of heating water manually, a hot water system heats up the water for you via electricity, gas or solar.

Like every other mechanical operation, the hot water system requires regular maintenance or the possibility of water leaking from the tank storing it exists and, in some cases, could lead to a burst hot water, which is when the tank storing water for the hot water system burst.  There could be many reasons for malfunctioning of the hot water system which can lead to burst hot water. Irrespective of the reasons, you must be aware of what your next move should be. In this blog, we will be discussing, what should be the right move in case of burst hot water.

What to Do Next in the Event of a Burst Hot Water System? 

Ensure the Isolation Tap Is Turned Off: Cut the flow of water by immediately turning off the isolation tap to the hot water system; this prevents any increase in pressure to the hot water system. Give it an hour or two to completely stop the water from leaking.

Stop the Supply of Cold Water: Another step that you need to follow is to stop the supply of cold water. You need to locate the main supply and turn the valve in the clockwise direction until you can no more turn.

Turn Off the Electric Switch in Case of An Electric Hot Water System: Prevent any possible electrocution by turning off the switch in the switchboard in case of a burst hot water on an electrical system.

Turn Off The Gas Tap For Gas Hot Water System: it is always advised in any matter involving gas to be careful in its handling, so if a burst hot water occurs on a gas hot water system, immediately turn off the tap connecting the gas to the hot water system as gas is dangerous in case of leakage.

Contact a Professional: After performing the above steps, call and have a professional install a new system. Make sure that you have the number of a professional repair service provider handy.

Warning Signs to A Hot Water Tank Bursting

A burst hot water is a messy and shocking affair, and often in this kind of situation, there is the possibility of flooding in your property which could cause expensive damages. In such a case, you must also contact the insurance company. Since the storage take of the water heating system is made up of metal and contains large volumes of water, without proper maintenance water storage tanks run the risk of leaks and bursting. Identifying the warning signs before a burst hot water occurs, would definitely save you money and time.

Here Are Some Risk Factors and Warning Signs of An Increased Risk of a Burst Hot Water:

Rusting – One of the key things that you must take note of is rusting. The metallic part of the water heating system may corrode over a period of time, which can lead to the malfunctioning of the system. Hence, it’s advisable that you must check for the sign of rusting.

Unusual Noise – If your hot water system makes unusual noises that aren’t included from its factory conditions, you might want to look inside your tank as it could be sediments built up and hardened inside the tank.

Rusty Water If you find rust-colored water coming from the tank, the possible answer could be there is rust formed inside the tank.

Leakages Leakage could be from a crack tank, or a faulty hot water system, leaks are never good news and when found, one should pay it attention.

Final Thoughts

With the above-mentioned steps and precautionary measures, you would be able to find the signs of damage and save yourself from unwanted loss.

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