How To Get Rid Of Mud Stains From White Tiles

Tile and Grout Cleaning

How To Get Rid Of Mud Stains From White Tiles


Clean and shiny tiles give a furnished look to your home. If your home is covered with white tiles, then the chances of your tiles getting damaged may be high. White tiles can be dirtier more often and can also collect dust, so cleaning the tiles twice every week is very important.

Cleaning tile floors can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Sometimes, homeowners are complicit about what cleaning materials to use and not. Here are some cleaning procedures that will help you remove any stains from white tiles:-

Use Vacuum and Brooms

During the use of chemical materials for your tile and grout cleaning, it is essential to keep dirt and soil particles away. You should utilize a vacuum or broom to get rid of pet hair, food, urine, dirt on tiles. Vacuum is the best and effective way to pick up the dust very fast and clean the floor.

You have another option, a bristle sweep. You should avoid using a hard broom because it scratches your tiles. Therefore, you can use a good source when cleaning uneven surfaces.


You can use some powerful methods to make your home clean with hot water and vinegar, also you can use baking soda. 

  • Take 2 cups of warm water, add vinegar, then stir properly for tile cleaning

  • In this material, Use a mop to soak it. Then scrub the tiles with the mop in a circle way. Also, take a spray bottle, then pour the mixture of vinegar & water spray into the floor directly. 

  • Use a microfiber mop, which is ideal for scrubbing all types of tiles. Wipe away dark stains on tile surfaces with a hard sponge.

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the corners.

  • After cleaning the tiles, wipe off the water with a simple white cotton towel or cloth.

Use a Poultice Liquid Cleaner

Take any commercial cleaner including diatomaceous poultice liquid. Next, use this mixture on your white tile surface. Then apply it lightly and let it sit for some time. Cover this mixture with a plastic sheet to keep it moist for longer. Remove it to expose the gleaming white tiles.

Commercial Cleaner 

Commercial chemical solutions like Pine-Sol, Lysol are available. They are equipped with chemical substances with antibiotics that get rid of marks, grime, dust, particles, from the white tile. It is the best solution since they tend to corrode tiles if you prepare a homemade tile cleaning method.

Getting rid of hard water stains from your home tiles is a daunting task. Increases the durability of some tools and can also reduce the chances of your tiles getting stained. Click here for more information or to book tile repair service & tile cleaning services.

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