How To Make My Home Ready For Pest Treatment?

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How To Make My Home Ready For Pest Treatment?

Are you having pest problems in your house? Did you just book a pest control treatment to get rid of these problems? Well, professionals handle everything when it comes to pest extermination. However, to make sure that the pests do not infest your property again, you also have a few responsibilities to take care of. 

Before the professionals arrive at your property. You have to prepare your entire house and all your belongings for the treatment. Moreover, there are many pest control service Melbourne companies that completely refuse to deliver services to homes that are not prepared for one. So, if you are not looking forward to making your exterminators angry or having to hire one because of re-infestation. Then go through this blog to know how to prepare your house for pest treatment checklist. 

Easy To Follow Pest Treatment Checklist

  • Keep A Check On The Location Where There Is A Huge Pest Traffic

Firstly, you will have to make a list of the areas where there is huge pest traffic on your property. Basically, write down all the areas where pests hang out the most in your house. There are many pests that are very sneaky. All these pests can be hard to find when the exterminators arrive. For more pest control tips you can check out our other blogs.

Therefore, whenever you spot these pests, note down where they are hiding. For instance, if you have a roach infestation, you often find roaches lurking around your kitchen and bathroom. Or if you have an ant infestation, look for where the ant trail is leading to. Letting your exterminators know that process will help them do their job quickly. 

  • Clean Your Floors And Carpets Before The Technician Arrives

There are a lot of tiny pests and their eggs on your floors. Moreover, they can also be residing in your carpet or laying eggs in your carpet. Make sure to thoroughly clean your floors by using a good detergent. Also, when you vacuum your carpet. Make sure to use crevice attachment to get into all the cracks. After you are done with all the cleaning. 

Take all the clothes you used for cleaning, your vacuum bags, and mops outside. Moreover, before you throw these things, make sure that you are sealing everything individually for maximum protection from a re-infestation. Also, make sure to wipe your vacuum cleaner after the entire cleaning process. 

  • Move Your Furniture Away From The Walls

Pests can be living anywhere on your property. Your pest exterminators need access to your house without any interruptions. So, make sure to move your furniture and all other heavy belongings away from the walls. This will make moving from one place to another easier for the exterminators. Pest exterminators make sure to clean each and every inch of your property. They clean behind and beneath your furniture as well. Therefore, moving your furniture away from the walls makes them do their job quickly and in the best possible way. 

  • Take Care Of All Your Food Items

Check if you have any food items on your kitchen countertop. If your food supplies are untouched by any of the pests then keep them in a safe place. During the extermination process, pests try their best to hide and run away. Make sure that there are no food items for them to run away to. Also, your cooking utensils should also be stored in a safe space. Moreover, make sure that you are storing your food items in airtight containers so that no pest can reach your food. Additionally, keep your food items in a safe space after the treatment for some time. 

  • Make Sure To Cover Aquariums And Cages With Something

First and foremost, you should relocate your pets for the pest treatment checklist formation. The priority should be given to relocation. However, if you have pets like fish or birds that can not be relocated. Then you should make sure that you cover their aquariums or cages with a sheet or a towel. Exterminators usually do not treat properties that do not cover their pet’s habitat. So, make sure to do this before your exterminators arrive. 

  • Dispose of If You Have Any Trash

It is a well-known fact that pests love your trash. So, make sure that you are collecting all the trash that is all over your house and throwing it in a bin. Also, do not keep the trash in your indoor dustbins. Throw it away in the trash bins outdoors so that pests can not get back to your house. 

  • Prepare To Be At A Safe Spot

According to the treatment, the exterminators may tell you to leave the premises during the process. So, prepare yourself for that. Some exterminators use chemicals, others use eco-friendly extermination methods. Make sure that you are leaving your property if your exterminator is using the chemical extermination method to prevent any chemical exposure. Exposure to such chemicals can be harmful to your lungs, irritate your skin, agitate your allergies, etc.  

Hire Eco-Friendly Pest Extermination Services

Max Pest Control Melbourne is famous for eco-friendly pest extermination services. If you are looking for a safe way to get rid of pests from your property. Then we are the ones to call. Our pest control services are safe for the environment, pets, kids, infants, and adults. Give us a call to book an appointment now. 

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