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To run a Tow Truck Business, it is necessary to follow rules and regulations of NSW Government i.e.  Fair trading commission. Fair Trade Tow Truck Unit’s responsibilities include but both limited to the following:

  1. Driver Certificate
  2. Operator License
  3. Scrap Metal Exemption Authority
  4. Tow Truck Assessments
  5. Tow Truck Auxiliary Number Plates


Driver Certificate

Driver certificate is a certificate issued by Fair Trading that helps motorists to identify who is authorized to tow their vehicle. It is a formal permission granted by fair trading to operate a tow truck in New South Wales

At All Sydney Tow Truck, we ensure that all of our Tow Truck operators carry a valid tow truck certificates.


Operator License

Operator License is authorized license issued by Fair Trading which is necessary to run a Tow Truck Business

At All Sydney Tow Truck, we take proper care of our Tow Trucks Operator License that when it was expired or any other issue regarding Operator License.


Scrap Metal Exemption Authority

It is an Exemption Authority makes it easier for businesses operating crane-type tow trucks that solely transport motor vehicles for scrap metal recycling, and are not destined for repair, reuse or resale in their original form or as parts.

At All Sydney Tow Truck, we understand it comprehensively.

Tow Truck Assessments

For registered tow trucks fitted with a partial lift and tow devices it is compulsory to ensure the lift capacity determined by roads and Maritime Service (RMS) is marked on the Equipment. If a Tow Truck is not fitted with partial lifts or tow devices, then there is no need of tow truck assessment. It is mandatory for every tow truck operator to have its truck assessed as per the rules and the regulations.

At All Sydney Tow Truck, lift capacity determined by (RMS) is marked on the equipment of Tow Trucks fitted with partial lift or tow device.


Tow Truck Auxiliary Number Plates

From 1 July 2016, tow trucks may display auxiliary number plates. Auxiliary number plates can be ordered from any Roads and Maritime Services Motor Registry or Service NSW Service Centre.

Auxiliary number plates have the same letters and numbers as the plate(s) on the tow truck, black characters on an off-white background, irrespective of the colour of the number plates fitted to the tow trucks with the words 'NSW Auxiliary' printed on it.

At All Sydney Tow Truck, we understand it completely.

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