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3a Errard Street South
Ballarat North, Vic 3350

Date Listed: 23/03/2020

Last Edited: 23/03/2020


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 18:00 - 21:00

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About: Emergency Carpet Cleaning Ballarat is a(n) Carpet Cleaning in Ballarat North, Vic

About Emergency Carpet Cleaning Ballarat

If you require the best carpet cleaning services in Ballarat, come to Squeaky Clean Rugs. We have the best teams in cleaning services. Our qualified teams use the most effective methods and advanced technology tools. We remove stains, oil stains, ink stains, coffee stains and blood stains etc. We clean the carpet of your home, office, stairs all over the place in an excellent manner and make new ones as before.

Other Cleaning areas:
1. Brown Hill
2. Wendouree
3. Lucas
4. Cardigan
We are giving you the most affordable cleaning services. You can reach us online. You can also call us for free quotes and emergency services also.

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Emergency Carpet Cleaning Ballarat Reviews

Sherry James
May 26, 2020

Jack is a true professional. I had some carpets cleaned, with attention to some cat spots. He did a great job on the carpet but missed a couple of cat spots. I called him and he came back right away. They cleaned them for no extra charge. His customer service is excellent and his work is great...Highly recommend.

Alex James
April 17, 2020

The best in Ballarat ! Excellent customer service and finished product! They did a fantastic job on my carpet. Would recommend to anyone!

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