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40 Smith Dr, West Ballina NSW 2478 40 Smith Dr
West Ballina
Ballina, NSW 2478

Date Listed: 29/11/2019

Last Edited: 29/11/2019

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About: RECYCLIT is a(n) Recreation in Ballina, NSW


Recyclit is the Simplest Solution for all your Recycling and Waste Disposal Needs. This Revolutionary New Australian Product makes Kitchen Waste handling a thing of the Past, Simply post all your Recyclables Waste and Compost in the system and Recyclit does the Rest, it couldn’t be easier!! Remember with a Recyclit caring for the Environment really does begins at Home.
Recyclit waste chute system comes complete with high-quality stainless steel self-closing flip doors, angled vented chutes that transport waste and recyclables from in your kitchen to your outside bins, and a multi-fit hood system that seals and connects to all your council bins, compost or worm farms.

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