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Bega Valley, NSW 20005
073 830-4812

Date Listed: 08/04/2019

Last Edited: 15/07/2019

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About: genuinespiritualhealer is a(n) Community Assistance in Bega Valley, NSW

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THERE IS A SPIRITUAL LADY CALLED MAMA, I don't know where she got those strong prayers to help people but she's good!! You know I've consulted with her two times. I remember there was a time when I couldn't get a job, and I called her to see if she could help me. By that time I had applied at my current workplace and they called me so fast without asking too many details I was offered the job yet I was told that the position has many applicants by the time I submitted in my papers!!!! Mama's spiritual prayers helped me to get that job within a week yet I had spent three good years when am jobless!! The next thing she did for me was to pray and I finally got promoted at work!! When I was new, I used to like upgrading and get at least a good salary increase since I had spent three years jobless!! I again called my spiritual woman Mama and told her about my desire to get a promotion!! She told me to let her know anytime when the company announces a good promotion and we pray such that I can get it!! There's my workmate who thinks that I was just born lucky, but deep down inside I know who has contributed to my success, She's called MAMA a very genuine spiritual lady who does some of these spiritual prayers for people like me!! So my writing for this was to at least praise her for what she has done for me, and maybe to pass over this information to anyone who may need it. Thank you CONTACT HER IF U NEED ANY HELP +27738304812

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