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9 Henley Court
Brisbane, Qld 4152
+61 043-4451021

Date Listed: 12/03/2020

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About: Elko Chair Repairs is a(n) Professional Service in Brisbane, Qld

About Elko Chair Repairs

Elko Chair Repairs is your one-stop specialists for all types of chair repairs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast region. Our experienced team will come over to office or home as per the set schedule, inspect the condition of your worn out or broken chairs and present you a detailed report of the repairs needed.

Our Popular Office Chair Repairs In Brisbane & Gold Coast Include:

> Repairing and replacing broken chair wheels
> Repairing chair backrests and bases
> Fixing gas strut and handling all types of mechanical replacements

Our home and office chair repairs come with 12 months warranty.

We can handle office chairs, wing chairs, barber chairs, cinema chairs, breakout seats, reception chairs, dining seats, kab chair repairs and more!

In addition to our chair repairs; we also offer you re-upholstery services which include new upholstery re-foaming that gets done in a few days.

Our Chair Upholstery Services in Brisbane & Gold Coast Include:-

> Office/corporate re-upholstery,
> Re-foaming and repairing medical-grade upholstery
> Home upholstery
> Ottoman/bench upholstery
> Vehicle upholstery
> School/university upholstery

(For upholstery services, our warranty does not apply!)

With these, we also deliver water extraction cleaning services to leave your chairs appearing neat and clean. In addition to Brisbane and Gold Coast; we also present our quality services in Sunshine Coast and all its neighbouring suburbs with the convenience of customised pick-ups and delivery.

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