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DPS Airconditioning Pty Ltd, 3 Ibis St 3 Ibis St
Brisbane, Qld 4159
435 924-691

Date Listed: 23/03/2020

Last Edited: 23/03/2020

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About: dpsair is a(n) Business Services in Brisbane, Qld

About dpsair

Looking for a reliable air conditioning installation & service in Brisbane?
or Need help installing a new window air conditioner?
We are Top Air Conditioner Installation Services Providers in Brisbane, QLD.

- 10+ Years Of Experience.
- Quality Brands.
- Professional Staff.
- Competitive Pricing.
Residential, Commercial & Industrial Air Conditioning System. Call Us Today!


Call to Discuss: 0435924691

Our Services:

Business Address: DPS Airconditioning Pty Ltd, 3 Ibis St, Birkdale QLD 4159, Australia

Email Us:

Open Hours Mon-Sat: 06:00 - 17:00

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