Perth, WA

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For over 20 wonderful years, AQUAPRO has been creating a new meaning to ¨the outback¨ here in Australia. When we say we have been ¨outback¨ for two decades, we mean that we have been out in backyards working to create extravagant water features, beautiful ponds, garden lighting and every accessory under the sun. In fact, everything we do, we do because we love creating... and we love to make customers happy. Either way - win/win.

Whether you are a corporate customer or a family looking to create a special haven at home, AQUAPRO is synonymous with value, creativity and simply getting the job done the way you see it in your imagination. Affordable and built to last, we are tailored to the DIY market and we strive to make all of our products easy to use and maintain.

When it comes to our business, we take it seriously... and we are seriously good at what we do. We are always looking to explore new and interesting ways to help families in Australia to create and maintain additional environments for native fauna.

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