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Mattress Kleen

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Mattress Kleen

About Mattress Kleen

The MattressKleen Process uses world's best portable equipment that vibrates and pulsates the mattress allowing powerful vacuum extraction to remove dead skin, mites and their excrement which is what we react to. Simultaneously, UVC lamps can kill virus, bacteria, mould spores and living organisms.
The dry extraction method is the only safe and effective way to genuinely clean your mattress. The MattressKleen process employs several steps to ensure your mattress is in a healthy and hygienic state.
Following extraction we apply a non toxic, hygenic deodorising spray.
We can also assist with Urine and other body fluid stains and hygienically clean pillows, rugs and sofas..
Your mattress is probably the dirtiest place in your home.
Day after day, year after year, dead skin settles in your bed providing the ideal breeding ground for viruses, mould spores, fungi and especially dust mites. No matter how house proud you are the fact is you are sharing your bed with millions of them greedily feasting on your dead skin.

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