Necromancer charms and magic spell

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Necromancers are practitioners of the dark art, with major powers focused on raising the the ancestors or dead to be used for various purposes.
The ancestors could be raised as apparitions or bodily for maybe divination or as a weapon in battle and directions in casting spells and rituals.
Necromancer love spells are consider to be the most effective and and fast spells if done well and organised.
This is because the necromancer talks direct with the power of ancestors. So just Imagine how fast and effective it will be.
But a true practitioner will tell you that necromancy is mainly a form of magic, which aids communication with the ancestors. The means of doing so might differ in each case; for instance in some cases the concerned spirit is summoned, which most often materialises as an apparition and in other cases, when such an option is not available, sometimes it also involves making the spirit appear as a bodily manifestation. But as one might guess, it requires an extremely experienced set of skills to do so.
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