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Date Listed: 25/06/2020

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About: Lou Projects Sustainable Home Builders is a(n) Builders in Central Coast, Tas

About Lou Projects Sustainable Home Builders

Lou Projects is a residential building company based on the Central Coast NSW. Our focus is to build homes that are healthy, energy efficient, sustainable, but at an affordable price. We want to make the building process easier for everyone involved, particularly the home owner. We achieve this by working closely with our designers, engineers and suppliers. Lou Projects understands the importance of energy efficiency and how we can change our building practices to improve these efficiencies by carefully picking out the appropriate materials, detailing the thermal envelope, implementing good ventilation and ensuring our building practices are to the highest quality. We educate our staff and contractors as an ongoing effort to ensure we build the most sustainable homes.

Our homes will look beautiful, but we focus on the practicality of the build, while keeping in consideration the economical factors also. This ensures we stay fair on price, but our clients will live in a healthier and more energy efficient home. We are Green Smart certified builders in addition to Passive House certified. We have a relentless desire to improve the building industry as a whole, so we all get to live in the best homes we can live in.

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