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Hay St Perth WA, Australia Hay St Perth WA, Australia
City of Perth, WA 6000
+61 468-454448

Date Listed: 08/01/2020

Last Edited: 08/01/2020

GMB: Gold Removals

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About: Gold Removals is a(n) Removalists in City of Perth, WA

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Gold Removals is the best Furniture Removalists in Perth. Gold Removals offer local and interstate removalist services including furniture removals at affordable prices in Brisbane & Melbourne

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Fergus tewfwewe
December 16, 2020

Fake, Scamming, Fraudulent Curry-Munching Con-Artists!

If companies could speak, this one would be screaming ‘Run for your life’ whilst slowly dying due to neglect and starvation.

I warned you guys at 6pm on the 3rd when you called, after leaving me waiting for you all day that if you dare cancel on me [which you did], that I would destroy you online. Well…here I am 😊

A 100-year old Geriatric Donkey pulling a 3-Wheeled wagon cart would be more reliable then these gooses!

I’m not racist but this particular group of Indians is the exact negative personification of what money-laundering, illegitimate freaks, money can apparently buy.

If you would like mind games to be played with you all day long, and then be delayed every hour on the hour, then cancelled on, causing your settlement/handover to be delayed with all your worldly possessions left in the driveway and be left to sleep in your car leading to a temporary breakdown with advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcistic raging impulses, then I absolutely recommended ‘Gold Removals’ on 1800-46-385-877353 [1800-GO- FUCCCK -URSELF]. If you would like to instead actually move house as planned, then save yourself aging ten years due to stress, and don’t call them.

If you run out of ideas of what to buy someone you hate for Christmas, then perhaps a Gold Removalists Gift Voucher?

Their so called office on Hay St Perth is an abandoned building which looks like it was meant to be in Chernobyl.

Dealing with them was like passing a kidney stone the size of a gold ball whilst being run over by wheat harvester only for my remains to be mopped up and given to the worms to eat and breed in.

1: Firstly, on Gumtree trading by multiple company names [Screenshot attached].. All using contact details with names such as ‘Mike’, ‘Chris’ and ‘Karen’[Screenshot attached]. etc, but when calling, I only get people with the names ‘Sunjeep’, ‘Deepak’ & ‘Arman’. And using company logos of Caucasians doing moving. Why don’t you want people knowing your Indians? That already tells me something is very wrong.

2: Company has a terrible habit of just hanging up on you if you call when they’re on the other line. Did it to me 5 times. This is because they have no office number and run it from home.

3: Originally booked job to be completed from 2pm to 4pm, meaning starting at 2 and finishing at approximately 4. However, after an hour late I called at 3pm, only to be told that what they actually meant was starting between 2-4 and that they would be there by 4.

4: At 4.15 I called them to see why they were late. Again, after being hung up on several times and speaking to a few people who didn’t speak any English, told me they would be there at 4.45 and they would call me back in 5 minutes to confirm. No call-back.

5: At 5pm, I called again, was told it would now be 6pm. So now we would miss the keys handover at 5pm at the new house.

6: At 5.30 I called and suggested I call another removalist if they were going to be much longer. They assured me they would be there at 6pm.

7: Over the next hour, to pass time, we moved all the non-heavy items into the driveway for easy collection upon arrival.

8: At 6.30 I received a call saying that it was too late for them to do the job now. After explaining our predicament and frustration, they had the ordassidy to offer us a $10p/h discount for the next day.

9: Website promises 24hr service [Screenshot attached].

10: Had to pay a small fortune for another company to come in the middle of the night with no notice. Will be seeking reimbursement.

10: When messaging them my intention to post negative reviews, they offered another small discount, not even an apology. No idea how to run a business. Absolute disgrace.

Next time, could you please come around to my house, fart in my face, shi* on my carpet, rape my arse, kill my cat and steal my car, that would be an improvement of my previous dealing with you.

I suggest the following steps to improve your company: CLOSE THE FUCCCK DOWN!

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