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1/19 Kimberly Rd
Dandenong South, Vic 3175
61 042-4356585

Date Listed: 14/02/2020

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About: SK Kitchens is a(n) Kitchen Renovations in Dandenong South, Vic

About SK Kitchens

SK Kitchens, we are specialists in delivering comprehensive cabinetry design and Installation Services in major Australian Cities and Suburbs. We are the best when it comes to installing cabinetry for Wardrobes, Kitchen, and Bathrooms.
By hiring us, you can fulfill your dream home. In simple words, we design your dream home. In fact, having designed and customized kitchen cabinetry has been so common in modern-day houses. We, SK Kitchens, fulfils the dream of constructing a house with modern cabinetry fittings at kitchens, bathroom, and so for affordable rates.
Services Offered By SK Kitchens
1. Kitchen Cabinet
2. Bathroom Vanity
3. Laundry Cabinets
4. Bathroom cabinets
5. Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets
6. Custom Bathroom Cabinet
7. Custom Cabinet
8. Local Kitchen Cabinet
9. Vanity Cabinet
10. Laundry Cupboards
Why Choose SK Kitchens?
• Friendly & Skilled Workers
• ECO-Friendly Kitchen
• Offers a Personal Estimate
• 100% Customer Satisfaction
Our Experiences
We, SK Kitchens, one of the most prolific and comprehensive cabinetry design & Installation service providers in all major Australian cities and suburbs. All our staffs are highly trained to deliver supreme cabinetry design and installation service.
Where Do We Serve?
We build specialized and customized kitchens in all the major cities and suburbs of Australia including Dandenong, Cranbourne, and Springvale. Get in touch with our customer care panel to know more about our servicing area.

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