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Patrick street, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia
Hobart, Tas 7000
61 131-111

Date Listed: 25/08/2018

Last Edited: 17/07/2019


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 17:00

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About: RACT Batteries is a(n) Vehicle Batteries in Hobart, Tas

About RACT Batteries

RACT has recently updated the testing equipment used by our patrols to help our members to get the best life out of their battery. Our world-class Midtronics MDC - 5500 tester is now equipped to perform a Full Member Test, which checks the vehicle electrical system and car battery condition at the same time.

The Full Member Test helps us to understand the condition of your car battery and verify the condition of your electrical system, so we can recommend the correct solution to get you back on the road. The tester will ask certain questions to help our patrolmen make a well-informed diagnosis and will print out a condition report and recommendation for you to refer to.

If you notice any changes to the sound your car makes when you are starting, or it's a bit sluggish to turn over, call RACT on 13 11 11 to arrange a friendly patrolman to carry out a full member test and get it fixed before it catches you out.

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