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15 Vanessa Blvd, Springwood
Logan, Qld
07 557-30255

Date Listed: 17/12/2019

Last Edited: 17/12/2019

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About: Coolabah Tree Café is a(n) Burgers in Logan, Qld

About Coolabah Tree Café

At Coolabah Tree Café, food is not about filling up, but the fuel to live life to the full. Eat right and food can have a powerful effect providing the fuel to get more out of life. It can warm the soul with comforting memories of home, through hearty home style cooking. Our famous roasts are slow cooked for 8 hours in our own kitchens each day. All of our meals, wraps and sandwiches are made in our own kitchens each day, with our own hands, with heart. Coolabah Tree Cafes are sprouting up along Australia’s major routes. We are highly sought after by the key Lessors in this industry, assisting our further expansion into high profile sites. We have now expanded to 19 locations from humble food courts to roadhouse & service station outlets in Queensland, New South Wales & South Australia.

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