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Date Listed: 03/06/2018


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About: Peters Pest Control is a(n) Pest Control in Melbourne, Vic

About Peters Pest Control

Welcome to Peters Pest Control – a local company of Melbourne providing guaranteed pest control services. We have been delivering quality pest control solutions for more than two decades all across Melbourne. We know no two pests are the same and thus cannot be treated with the same method. We understand the difference between commercial and domestic pests and have specialized treatments for both. We have pest control treatment for all pests including mosquitoes, flies, fleas, rats, mice, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, house fly, dust mites, Indian meal moth, bird mites, grain beetle, fermentation flu, blowflies, spiders, biscuit beetle, and ants.

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Eleanor Evans
June 15, 2019

These guys came and did the job brilliantly, getting rid of them with one application. The 2 technicians were also on time, professional and extremely courteous...I really like Peters Pest Control Team.

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