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Unit 5, 66-74 Josephson St Belconnen 
Melbourne, Vic 2617
04 357-98799

Date Listed: 21/06/2019

Last Edited: 11/12/2019

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About: Beautify is a(n) Beauty Salons in Melbourne, Vic

About Beautify

Beautify is a place where ladies and gentleman can come to relax in a very soothing environment and be sure to receive quality pampering services by our qualified therapists. Our passion is to leave each and every client feeling soothed and reenergised, but most of all feeling great about themselves. Our hours ensure we fit in with your busy life styles. You can now feel and look good easier than ever. Beautify in Macquarie is here to handle all your body and skin care needs. Beautify specialises in a wide range of body and skin care regimens including aromatherapy, hot stone massage therapies, basic body waxing, power facials, cosmetic tattoo as well as complete hair and makeup services, so you can look glamorous anytime. Be at your best and start feeling great inside and out! Book an appointment with Beautify’s beauty therapists in Canberra today.

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