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43 Myrtle Street Glen Waverley
Melbourne, Vic 3150

Date Listed: 27/06/2019

Last Edited: 06/07/2019

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About: Glen Waverley Motor Works is a(n) Auto Repair in Melbourne, Vic

About Glen Waverley Motor Works

Glen Waverley Motor Works has a state of the art workshop with the latest tools and software to maintain and manage vehicles of all makes and models. We have extensive knowledge with Suburu, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen cars however work with all cars of any make. We offer services such as mechanical service and maintenance, Brake and clutch work and repairs, Timing belts, Diagnostics, EFI service and fuel injection, log book service and new car service for cars and 4wd’s, fleet work and more is welcomed, minor and major engine replacements, cooling system repairs and maintenance, minor and major steering and suspension repairs and replacements and much more. Call one of our friendly staff to book in today on 95625500

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