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3/128 Sailors Bay Rd Northbridge 
Melbourne, Vic 2063
0299586001 029-9586001

Date Listed: 01/09/2019

Last Edited: 04/09/2019

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About: Emerse Hair and Beauty is a(n) Beauty Salons in Melbourne, Vic

About Emerse Hair and Beauty

Emerse Hair and Beauty offers its clients tailor made treatments to suit their hair and skin care needs. At Emerse you can be pampered from head to toe with one of our relaxing facials and leave looking amazing after a wash and blow dry in our salon. Or you can come in for one our special pigmentation or anti-aging treatments and finish with a Brazilian blow out, ensuring you are always looking your best. Whether you are looking for a quick spot of glamour or more permanent long lasting results, Emerse Hair and Beauty can help. Call to book today 02 9958 6001.

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