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1 Clay Ct
Melbourne, Vic 3074
03 852-92833

Date Listed: 23/12/2019

Last Edited: 23/12/2019


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 10:00 - 18:00

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About: 13 IT PTY LTD is a(n) Computer & Laptop Repairers in Melbourne, Vic

About 13 IT PTY LTD

13IT Melbourne is a leading and the most trusted online store where you can find all sorts of electronic devices, computer components and IT products with the best warranty support. Providing a great shopping experience and rapid delivery, we have earned the loyalty and support of tech enthusiasts across Melbourne. We have got computers and computer display from world’s leading brands at the lowest prices. In addition, you can also find phone accessories, cameras, printers, software and servers with discounted pricing on bulk deals.

Our website provides detailed specifications and high definition photo galleries, giving you a great insight of our products – All in One Pc. We also have dedicated tech support and service team members who are available on email, online chat and phone to provide exceptional customer service. Whether you are a tech guru or a novice, you are sure to have the most enjoyable shopping experience at 13 IT.

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