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4/9 Southeast Blvd, Pakenham
Melbourne, Vic 3810

Date Listed: 16/04/2020

Last Edited: 16/04/2020


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 09:00 - 17:30

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About: Royal Crest Blinds is a(n) Blinds and Curtain in Melbourne, Vic

About Royal Crest Blinds

If you're looking for new window coverings for your home or office then you can't go past Royal Crest. Ram and his team install custom made blinds that make any room look great. No matter where in Melbourne you live, the company offers a free measure and quote so you can utilise their expertise and see exactly what to expect. As well as blinds, they also supply curtains, plantation shutters and even awnings. Trust Royal Crest for the highest quality materials and amazing customer service.

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