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74 Eastern Rd South Melbourne VIC, 3205
Melbourne, Vic 3205
+61 130-0835324

Date Listed: 19/02/2021

Last Edited: 18/02/2021

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About: TeleChoice Product is a(n) Telephone Services in Melbourne, Vic

About TeleChoice Product

TeleChoice has been the choice of millions of customers in Australia since 1995.

TeleChoice is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, through an agreement with Telstra Wholesale. That means TeleChoice customers use a mobile network that covers more than 1.25 million square kilometers in Australia.

The size of TeleChoice's mobile network is only one part of the story. The quality and speed of the TeleChoice mobile network are just as impressive. Fantastic reception where you need it, great in-building coverage and lightning data speeds when you want to use your phone to surf the Internet. It's no wonder that TeleChoice customers love its mobile network.

TeleChoice offers customers the ease and convenience of shopping online at and the comfort of visiting any one of TeleChoice’s retail stores across Australia.

At TeleChoice, we have you covered.

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