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2/5 Pavilion Place, Cardiff
Newcastle, NSW 2285
1300 273-877

Date Listed: 28/06/2018

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About: Giftware Direct is a(n) Gift Shops in Newcastle, NSW

About Giftware Direct

Giftware Direct is a pioneer in online gift service available in Australia. They provide unique and affordable & personalised Gifts for all occasions with the option of customization.

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Javier Gomes
April 29, 2019

I bought a set of engraved wine glass from the Giftware Direct, and I am delighted and satisfied with my purchase. Giftware Direct makes it so easy to buy personalised wedding favours and unique wedding gifts at affordable rates in Australia. They delivered me what I ordered and wanted. The engraving done on the wine glass set is a real piece of professional artwork. I would highly recommend my Giftware Direct to my kith and kin.

Andrew Brooks
September 28, 2018

Last Saturday we celebrated our 25th anniversary, and my wife was pleased with the personalised shot glasses I gifted her, the set of shot glasses ordered at Giftware Direct was a good deal, because they provide an option of engraving our names. Such a nice set of glasses which were delivered within time at an affordable price, I am going to recommend Giftware Direct to my friends so they can order as per their requirements, thanks team giftware Direct.

John Demoin
July 27, 2018

I was planning to present a personalised wedding gift to my friend for a long time but never had a chance to design that gift for them. I contacted Giftware Direct for assistance, and they provided excellent personalised wedding gift with being affordable for me, I have to say I will never forget to shop at Giftware Direct. I am going to recommend anyone who is facing a hard time in deciding any gift same as me, at last thanks, Giftware Direct

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