Most Underrated Food Items Which You Should Try

India’s cuisine is just as diverse as its culture; you can taste a completely different type of food in every state of India. LacchaParatha and Butter Chicken from north India and sambhar with dosa from south India is already well known all over the country. However, there are a lot of different dishes which are not known to the majority but can be considered kind of a hidden gem of their respective states. To help you find out about these lesser known food item we have compiled a list of some underrated foods from across India.

Here is our list of most overrated food items that you should try at least ones in your life:

Black Rice

Black also is known as Forbidden rice, Magic rice and purple rise are a well-known delicacy that is prepared in Manipur, and it is stacked with many different health benefits. This unusual black coloured rice can only be found in China and India. This rice is black in colour when it is harvested then it turns purple when cooked. It is also a traditional delicacy of north Bengal hills and Kerala and is mostly eaten with coconut milk. It gives of distinct features and colours according to the way you cook it, you cook it on its sticky variant then it will give a kind of different texture, and if you cook it like your usual rice, then it will turn purple. You can easily get this food online using Behrouz Biryani Coupons with great deals.


You cannot tell how good this dish is until you take a bite of this mouth-watering delicacy. The primary ingredient of the BenamiKheer (literary translating to nameless in Hindi) is Garlic. Unusual for a Kheer right! Well, for preparing the BenamiKheer garlic is sliced thinly and then it is boiled three times with a pinch of dietary potassium nitrate. After boiling the garlic, its water is thrown away. Changing the water three times with saltpetre keeps the crispiness of garlic intact, and it also takes away the oleophilic properties present in garlic. After boiling the garlic it is cooked with full-fat milk, Khoya and a pinch of cardamom and sweetener, and you have this great dessert ready to be eaten.  Not a lot of individuals talk about this dish, but I have tried it for myself, and I believe it deserves its place on this list.

Undhiyu, Gujarat

Undhiyu a famous dish from the cuisine of Gujarat is a pretty healthy dish. It is prepared with almost every vegetable you can think of. This dish is a blend of peas, eggplant, potatoes, green beans, purple yam and every other available seasonal veggie. All of these vegetables are cooked in low flame and made into a pulp. It is traditionally made in an upside-down pot which is heated from above. This dish is filled with goodness and nutrition and deserves more recognition.

ChamaniQaliya, KASHMIR

Prepared with Spices, milk, paneer and curd the Chamaniqaliya is one of the lesser known dishes from the Kashmiri cuisine. This dish is loaded with the delicate flavours of all the different spices, but the thing that makes it stand out from the rest is the utensil in which it is cooked. Kashmiri peoples utiliseearthware to which gives this dish a unique aroma and flavour.


Made with a blend of sugar and water chestnut flour (Singhare) one can’t easily keep away from the savoury flavour of this sweet delicacy. This Dessert is coated with pistachios and almonds, which add in a crunchy twist in its flavours. You can consume it with pooris.Moreover if you are looking for HDFC Bank recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it

With this, our list of some of the most underrated food item that should try is concluded. Let us know your thoughts; do you know any dish that you think should be mentioned in this? Let us know.

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