5 Best Methods of Carpet Cleaning

There are various methods of carpet cleaning but choosing the best one for your carpets can be difficult if you are un-aware of the basics residing behind them. For your carpets to look best every time, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is always the right choice for you. If you are resident of Melbourne, you can choose Carpet Cleaning Service Melbourne, other than this we also provide local carpet cleaning services. We always adopt the best cleaning strategy for getting your carpets cleaned. Have a look at some of the best carpet cleaning methods in Melbourne
  • Carpet Shampoo

    Here we use a carpet cleaning mild shampoo for cleaning the carpets. The shampoo is rubbed to form a foam and is left to dry for some time. On drying, the dirt particles stick to the shampoo. On crystallization, the shampoo separates itself from the carpets along with dirt. We collect the residual shampoo from the carpets with a strong vacuum cleaner.
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne/Hot water extraction

    This method utilizes hot water at temperature 150-200 degrees under pressure. We spray it on the carpets under pressure that loosens the dirt. With help of strong vacuum cleaner, we suck out all the dirt.
  • Carpet Cleaning Melbourne/ Dry Powder Extraction

    Here we spray a dry powder on the carpets with the help of rotating machines. It is left for 15-20 minutes. After this, we remove the powder with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Foam Method of Cleaning

    Here we use a shampoo to form a strong foam on the carpet with help of rotating brush. It is left for drying for some time. After its removal, we follow hot water extraction for complete cleaning and drying of carpets.
  • Encapsulation

    Here we use a chemical that has both cleaning and crystallization power. The powder is sprinkled on the carpet, the cleaning agent suspends the dirt while the crystallization agent encapsulates all the dirt that was loosened by the cleaning agent of the powder.

Taking Care of Carpets

We clean many homes during the day and thus we have become a market leader in carpet cleaning services. We have designed various services to match all your cleaning needs, have a look: Carpet repair: the repair services that we provide are:
  • Carpet re-stretching.
  • Carpet repair and re-stretching.
  • Burnt carpet repair.
  • Carpet drying service.
  • Same day carpet cleaning.
  • Local carpet cleaning.
  • End of lease carpet cleaning.
  • Residential carpet cleaning Commercial steam cleaning
  • Carpet stain removal Carpet Mould removal
  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Steam carpet cleaning
  • Carpet bleach stain removal.
  • Carpet dry cleaning
  • Home carpet cleaning.
  • House carpet cleaning
  • We cover almost areas of Melbourne city
  • Carpet cleaning Melbourne North side.
  • Carpet Cleaning in Warburton.
We have prices that are very low and competitive to other services provided in the city but that doesn’t mean that we deal in Carpet Steam Cleaning in Melbourne, we have set our prices such that everyone can take the advantage of our services. Our mobile carpet cleaners in Melbourne shall extract every inch of dirt from your carpets, call 1300 309 913 the best carpet cleaning Melbourne services for all your cleaning needs.