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About: Kangaroo - Tile And Grout Cleaning Sydney is a(n) Cleaning Services in Sydney, NSW

About Kangaroo - Tile And Grout Cleaning Sydney

We have been serving the Sydney area and our Business is family owned and has thrived because of the outstanding service provided by our highly trained technicians and cleaning experts. Tiles such as granite, marble and travertine are beautiful but can become dirty and stained over time. Special skills, techniques and cleaning solutions are needed to clean, restore and protect your beautiful stone floors, counters and baths. We also do beautiful stone restoration, including polishing and honing of most types of stone. This is not a job for inexperienced workers. Trust your fine stone to established professionals only. Our skilled and experienced technicians can also eliminate most scratches and stains from marble, lime stone travertine and many other stones.

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Alex Jenny
May 21, 2020

The Kangaroo offers service charges under our budget. I found it affordable. The specialists who provided the tile and grout cleaning service were very friendly and skilled in the field. Our house looks bright within our budget. Our clean house gives a fresh feel to start anything with joy and confidence.

Lucas Campbell
September 9, 2019

The washroom often remains filled with dark spots. This should be removed otherwise it looks very untidy. In such a situation you can call this tile and grout cleaning company and they will help you in this aspect.

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