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Unit B2, 6-10 Durdans Avenue, Rosebery, NSW, 2018
Sydney, NSW
02 837-20800

Date Listed: 21/02/2019

Last Edited: 16/07/2019

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About: International Catering Equipment is a(n) Kitchens in Sydney, NSW

About International Catering Equipment

ICE was founded in September 1997 as an importer and wholesale distributor of the ANVIL brand of commercial counter-top catering equipment. Our aim was to offer the market an economical and reliable alternative to what was being offered by local manufacturers and other importers. Following the growth and success of the ANVIL brand, ICE expanded the range to include other brands of equipment as well as commercial refrigeration. We now offer a comprehensive range of refrigeration including counter-top, freestanding, upright displays, upright storage as well as a range of under-bench models.
Our range now also includes ORVED vacuum packing machines and bags, a full range of Hamilton Beach specialty and bar blenders, as well as equipment for the Pizza industry.
We continue to strive to offer the market value for money products, available ex stock, which we back with our one year parts and labor warranty.

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