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About: Kangaroo - Curtain Cleaning Sydney is a(n) Cleaning Services in Sydney, NSW

About Kangaroo - Curtain Cleaning Sydney

Choose Kangaroo Cleaning Services for exceptional curtain cleaning services. We offer excellent curtain and blinds cleaning services including, Curtain Cleaning Sydney, affordable Curtain Cleaning Prices, Curtain Cleaning Services, and Dry Curtain Cleaning in Sydney. Our cleaning services providers are able to provide high-grade cleaning services at a reasonable price. Our team of professionals will clean all your curtains or fabrics with reliable and effective cleaning procedures. When your curtains and blinds get dirty or messy and you find it tough to clean it, we will send our professional team to pick up your curtain from your office or home then bring it over for dry and steam cleaning before delivering it back to you. So, call us +61 414 530 372 to get the same day of services.

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Alex James
May 21, 2020

Thanks to my friend who suggested me to hire Kangaroo cleaning Team for the best Curtain Cleaning Service. The professional did awesome work and made my curtain look like a new one. I got my Curtains cleaned and smelling flowery. They are really providing an effective service at a reasonable rate.

Sherry James
May 21, 2020

Great service, our curtain looks like new again, technicians were friendly and efficient. The crew arrived on time, was very knowledgeable and polite. Very happy and will definitely use it again!

James Crook
April 8, 2020

I would like to suggest Kangaroo Cleaning to everyone. They have an extremely professional and qualified team that never stops to put in more effort to satisfy their clients. They offer quality curtain cleaning services at the best costs in Sydney. You will get their services at a really affordable cost.

Hazel Lee
June 26, 2019

I must say the services provided by them are of best quality. They cleaned my carpet as if it is brand new. I would avail their services again and again.

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