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119 Longueville Road Lane Cove
Lane Cove
Sydney, NSW 2066
61 294-204880

Date Listed: 10/10/2019

Last Edited: 11/10/2019

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About: Sloans of Lane Cove is a(n) Hairdressers in Sydney, NSW

About Sloans of Lane Cove

Get the best hairstyle from Sloans whether you want a style for a wedding or walk (fashion). We have one of the best hairdressers who can give you the style according to your wish as we know as the Best Hairdresser Sydney We do also provide hair colourist Sydney service for those who wish to have unique colour on their head no matter permanent or semi-permanent. Our experienced and educated hairdresser have all your answers. So dial 02 9420 4880

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