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57A Queen Victoria Street Bexley
Sydney, NSW 2207
61 041-9224399

Date Listed: 07/11/2019

Last Edited: 07/11/2019

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About: Galaxy Charters is a(n) Other in Sydney, NSW

About Galaxy Charters

Travelling to Australia is not complete without charter experience, and Galaxy Charters are here for you to give you a wonderful experience of the country’s seacoast. Located in the heavenly place at Sydney harbour, you can explore the beautiful iconic tourist destinations in our super luxury yacht. Dive into the unforgettable moments of your life with the most sophisticated and comfortable yacht hire in Sydney. From whale watching in the jewels of Tropical Northern Queensland to wondering the beauties in New South Wales, Sydney, we offer customized packages. Enjoy with your family or book a private charter service, our professional team and on-board staff are ready to serve you. Call us today for an ultimate sea-experience.

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