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1a/139 Industrial Rd Oak Flats
Wollongong, NSW 2529
61 242-574500

Date Listed: 27/09/2018

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About: City Coast Vacuum Excavation is a(n) Business Services in Wollongong, NSW

About City Coast Vacuum Excavation

If you are looking for the most reliable, budget-friendly earthworks, then rely on the services from City Coast Vacuum Excavation. We are the experts in carrying out digging, excavation, cleaning, maintenance, stringing, surveying, and mapping. With over 30 years of experience in the field of digging, the company has been able to introduce new technology that has made the above jobs easy. The professionals from the company embark on the skill they have and ensure an excavation of top-notch quality.

We are a family owned business and have specialised in several of the earthworks. We are adept in all types of jobs related to civil applications, plumbing services, and underground service locating, and utility locating in Wollongong and Nowra. The professionals with us ascertain that they provide a prompt response and on-time completion of the projects.

Services we Provide

Since, we are the leaders in the field of excavations (hydro, air or vacuum); we make sure that we cater to a wide range of services related to it. The list of the services is—

• Hydro excavation for precise evacuation
• Exposing of the underground utilities
• Digging for the pole and street lights
• Services related to potholes, hole digging
• Trench excavation around or under obstacles
• Cleaning and Maintenance of the Pits
• Cleaning and stringing of Conduit

Why Choose Us?

With so many companies in the market providing the same services, we make sure that we stand out from the rest. Therefore, we, over the span of these 30 years have transformed ourselves to meet the market demand. Some of our traits are—

• Reliable and Cost efficient
• On-time delivery of the project
• Experienced, trained and adept team of excavators
• Specialised in Confined digging
• Proficient in utility service repairs
• Use modern excavation trucks fitted with specialist equipment to save time, money, and labour

Get in contact with our experts to know more about the hydro, air or vacuum excavations.

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