Dr Peter Jurcevic

Dr Peter Jurcevic

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Dr Peter Jurcevic

About Dr Peter Jurcevic

As the Head of Obstetrics at The Royal Women’s Hospital and in my private practice at Frances Perry House, I am deeply committed to delivering personalised and patient-centric care. My dedication extends to advocating for birthing choices and fostering a serene birthing environment. As one of the pioneers of maternal-assisted caesarean section in Australia, I have consistently advocated for innovative approaches to childbirth.

I am available for pregnancies and births of all types and have undertaken additional qualifications in high-risk obstetrics to ensure comprehensive support for pregnancies and births of all complexities.

When you entrust your care to me, I personally oversee every aspect of your reproductive and obstetric health. From antenatal to gynaecological appointments, your concerns are my priority, and I am readily accessible to address them, ensuring your peace of mind throughout your journey.

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