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22 Rodney Rd North Geelong
Melbourne, Vic 3215
03 527-79932

Date Listed: 10/08/2019

Last Edited: 05/03/2020

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About: Jonair Services Pty Ltd is a(n) Auto Repair in Melbourne, Vic

About Jonair Services Pty Ltd

Jonair services specialise in the supply, repair, training and distribution of the highest quality automotive equipment including; brake lathes, hoists, tyre changers, wheel balancers, hydraulic jacks and impact wrenches for car, truck, earthmover and mining purposes. Our product range includes; West, Peak Lift, Kuani, AirBoss, Maxam, MessMatic, McMillan, SICE and Jonair manufactured - Australian made - equipment. We also supply a large range of handling equipment including wheel dolleys, wheel lifters, tyre spreaders, inflation cages and test tanks for safety in the workshop. So if you need to purchase any automotive equipment - anywhere in Australia - call us now on 03 52 77 99 32.

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