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Oak Flats, NSW, 2529 2/86 Central Ave
North Sydney, NSW 2529
02 427-61889

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About: Bath N Body Delights is a(n) Cosmetics & Beauty Supply in North Sydney, NSW

About Bath N Body Delights

When it comes to bath and body products, there is no doubt that we have been the premier suppliers for several years now. All our bath and body products in Wollongong are made with unique and active ingredients which will certainly give you an opportunity to experience relaxing, replenishing and nourishing.

Products we offer

We have a wide range of bath accessories and body products in Canberra and Wollongong. Some of the products we offer are:-

Gym accessories
Sheer naturals
Bath and body – Bath combs, body lotions, body scrubs, shower gel, shower accessories, bath salts, hand creams and many more

Over the years, we have consistently expanded ourselves to meet the ever growing demand for our products. We value our customers a lot and consider their input while formulating new products. Also, we have never charged an exorbitant price for out service which is why all our products are priced at a level which can be afforded by all.

In addition to products, we also provide gift vouchers which can be the perfect gift for your special someone. Order now and get some amazing deals.

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