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Nowadays, fewer people are not having kettle in their house. This is perhaps one of the most necessary and indispensable household appliances. It allows you to quickly boil water to make your favorite drink. In many families, the electric kettle has long been replaced by a regular one, in which water has to be heated or boiled on the stove.


True, it happens that he is idle, because when turned on, the whole apartment turns off the light, or it is impossible to drink water from it because of an unpleasant taste in the mouth or a nasty smell. Therefore, it is important to choose a machine that will become a true friend and helper for the hostess.


The electric kettle is very convenient - you press the button, a few minutes - hot tea is ready. The advantages of such a device mass - compact, ergonomic, beautiful design, mobility. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, regardless of the location of the plate.


Manufacturers offer a huge range of electric kettles for instant coffee for every taste and budget. Often, the buyer is lost in a wide choice of models, and after the purchase, in the process of operation, he can expect disappointment. In order for the electric kettle to meet the expectations, it is necessary to determine in advance the important criteria by which the appliance will be selected. Get more related reviews about electric kettle here Best Electric Kettle For Coffee And Tea


How to choose the best electric kettle: good quality models


Looking after the electric kettle, everyone thinks which is better to choose from the offered assortment, from which today the eyes diverge. After all, I want to have not just another interior item in the house, but an assistant who will quickly boil the water, while not rewarding her with an unpleasant aroma and taste of metal.


Approaching the question of how to choose an electric kettle home correctly, it is necessary to pay attention to the following important parameters:


  • How much is the capacity of the device;
  • What material the unit is made of;
  • What is the type of heating element of the kettle;
  • How much power the machine works;
  • How fast the liquid heats up and cools down;
  • How long the electric kettle can work;
  • Appliance cost;
  • Shape and mass.


To begin with, before considering how to choose a good electric kettle for the house, it is worth exploring what types of these devices exist at all and how they differ from each other. From the point of view of the placement of the heating coil, electric kettles with a heating element are distinguished:


Open - in them the heating coil does not cover the teapot body, therefore it is prone to sediment on the ten. Before you choose a similar electric kettle for its cheapness, think about it: it is hard enough to launder scale that will settle on the heating element. At the same time, the minimum amount of water during boiling should always cover the spiral completely, otherwise it will deteriorate and the kettle will become unusable. At the same time, the device operation time increases;


Closed - such a household electric kettle is of better quality than the previous one. It is easier to clean it due to the hidden under a thin metal plate; The main advantage is that you can even boil a cup of water in it, which significantly reduces the operating time of the device. It produces more noise than the first option, is a bit more expensive and consumes more electricity.


In addition to the type of establishment of a spiral in the device, to select an electric kettle, you need to decide what volume of the unit will fit in a particular situation.


Capacity of electric kettles for home and office


When thinking about how to choose an electric kettle for coffee and tea for a family, you should also pay attention to the maximum possible amount of heated liquid. The listed types of devices have a different, but in most cases, a rather small displacement of the heated fluid. On average, such electric appliances can boil up to a maximum of 3 liters at a time.


When deciding which kettle to choose for yourself, it is worth proceeding from the composition of the family and how often they like to have a tea party. The average capacity of the kettle, which will be quite enough for an average family of 3-4 people, should be about 1.5-2 liters, for a bachelor there will be enough a small traveling kettle boiling from ½ to 1 litres.


In a separate view, thermopot can be distinguished, i.e. thermos kettle This is the best version of the electric kettle for offices, large families and lovers of frequent tea drinking with guests. They provide a volume of up to 6 liters. It is also good in that it maintains the required water temperature (60 °, 95 ° or 80 °) while the appliance is plugged in. At the same time, it does not have high power (700 - 1000 W), because of which the water boils for a long time. In addition, his weight is impressive, so the water supply takes place through the spout using a special pump.


Electric kettle with a plastic case: which firms are better?


Another characteristic that you should pay attention to when deciding which of the possible electric kettles is the best in quality is the case material.


Electric kettles with a plastic case - these kettles can have a different shape, their cost is not very high. They can have different colors, hermetically connected scale, showing the water level, and directly the body of the kettle. They are lightweight, strong enough, can serve their owners for quite a long time if these are electric kettles produced by the best firms. Plastic does not heat as much as metal. But at the same time, a significant "minus" in such a case is the release of toxic substances with a strong heating of a poor-quality unit, as well as the presence in this case of an unpleasant smell and taste in water. Therefore, it is so important not to save on your health, but to choose the proven, best firms that produce electric kettles with a plastic case.

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