How Do I Clean A Real Leather Couch?

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Leather sofas add amazing beauty to your interior. People extremely love the leather sofas for many reasons, one of them might be due to its luxurious look and comfort. When coming to the cleaning part of the leather sofas people think that it is difficult, time-consuming and spend more time to search the suitable method and product to clean the sofa.

This happens because the leather sofas should be maintained by investing in extreme care. Harsh chemical cleaners on the sofa will completely ruin up the quality and appearance of the sofa. You cannot choose to simply wipe the sofa in case of accumulation of heavy dirt and dust. Dirt and dust are not the common things you’ll find on your leather sofa but there are some other important guests that share your leather sofa with dust and dirt. They are really harmful and cause serious health issues such as allergies, skin rashes etc. the harmful particles are bacteria, virus, pet dander, dead skin cells, etc.

While choosing the cleaners to for Leather Sofa Cleaning choose the product that is free from the bleach and ammonia because these two elements can completely ruin the appearance of the leather. Apart from the dirt, dust and harmful particles your leather furniture are highly prone to the spills and stains, especially during the party hours.

When something accidentally spills on the leather sofa people get panic and run in search of nearby leather couch cleaner solution. Affording for the professional service is quite difficult for many but with the help of simple household items, you can amazingly clean your leather couch without harming its appearance, quality, and natural oil.

How to Clean The Leather Sofa?

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Step by Step Process To Clean The Leather Sofa

  • To start with, thoroughly vacuum your leather sofa with a soft brush attachment. Make sure that you completely eliminate all the dust and dirt out from the sofa otherwise the dust and dirt will be rubbed into the sofa while you spray or wipe it with the cleaners. The dust particles are abrasive in nature and they will completely ruin the material when they are combined with moisture.

  • After vacuuming prepare a cleaning solution by mixing an equal proportion of water and vinegar. For better results add few drops of commercial cleaner specially designed for cleaning the leather sofas.

  • Dip a microfiber cloth in the solution and wring it completely and make the cloth damp dry. Wipe the cloth on the entire sofa. Rinse the cloth again in the solution if necessary. Start wiping from the top and move towards down for best results.

  • Once you complete wiping the solution take a dry towel and wipe the sofa to remove the excess moisture. Avoid using a blow dryer because it will dehydrate the leather.

  • Mix one part of vinegar with two parts of flaxseed oil for the purpose of conditioning the sofa. Use a clean and soft cloth to rub the solution on the sofa. employ in a circular motion for better results and leave the solution to sit on the sofa overnight. Next morning buff the Leather Sofa with a clean rag. This will amazingly restore the shine and appearance of the leather sofa and works excellently for simple leather couch cleaning.