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1/287 A Spring Street
Reservoir, Vic 3073
61 039-4601973

Date Listed: 30/07/2019

Last Edited: 31/07/2019

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About: New Age Training Academy is a(n) Education & Learning in Reservoir, Vic

About New Age Training Academy

"New Age Professionals is a security training RTO operating since 2013 providing quality training to scores of students.

We believe the security training industry has transformed a great deal in the last few years and it has become even more important that the training is imparted by trainers who have been actively involved in the current industry operations so that they can use that current industry knowledge and add that to their vast experience from past and deliver a training which best prepares the students for their entry into the security industry. Our trainers have decades of experience of working in and with the industry and are active members of industry association which ensures that all of them are industry current and so would be the students they train.

We also lay a great deal of emphasis on role plays along with theoretical knowledge to provide the students a feel for the industry and get them all excited to start their journey into the exciting world of security services."

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New Age Training Academy
July 31, 2019

Awesome Academy... i have learned a lot from there.

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