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5 Mareno Road
Tullamarine, Vic 3043
03 931-89277

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About: Trakblaze Pty Ltd is a(n) Automotive in Tullamarine, Vic

About Trakblaze Pty Ltd

With over 88 years of innovation in the many facets of weighing systems technology, Trakblaze Pty Ltd are a recognised leader in the manufacture and supply of technologically advanced weighbridges, scales and balancing systems; especially within the International Mining, Rail, Road and Aviation Industries, where we can supply, install and service a comprehensive range of first-class weighing equipment.
Trakblaze Pty Ltd has evolved since the family first opened its doors to manufacturing and servicing scales in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - back in the 1930 and today; Trakblaze is a Mining, Rail, Road and Aviation weighing systems company with over 88 years experience in service, research, development, design and manufacturing of Train Weighbridges, Mining Haul Truck Scales Portable weighbridges and Transport Truck weighing systems.
Trakblaze is an industry trusted name and our technologically advanced products are both recognised and used by Mining, Rail and Transport companies worldwide.
Our vision and commitment to investing in research and development ensures that we stay at the forefront of innovation and strengthen our trusted Mining, Rail, Road and Aviation Scale partnerships and products in global markets.
We value, challenge and reward our people.
We ensure that our clients' project requirements are exceeded.
We are committed to manufacturing quality products.
We drive the boundaries of innovation through development.
We strive for consistent improvement in all that we do.

Our strategy is built on the foundations of our company's values and we will continue to drive our successful development in order to achieve our long term vision of remaining the worlds market leader in innovation and technology, supplying and servicing Mining, Rail, Road and Aviation industries globally.
In order to steer of company towards our strategy and ensure its successful implementation, we have defined 3 strategic principles - Innovate, Outperform and Globalize.

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