Electro Range MFG Co


Electrosurgical instruments for various areas of application including General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmic/ENT Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Laparoscopic and Gynaecology Products, produced by Electro Range MFG Co.'s specialists with high-quality. Since October 2006 Electro Range MFG Co has been supplying the Healthcare Industry professionals and distributors with finest quality Electrosurgical instruments and innovative products for Electrosurgery. We are recognised as being amongst one of the most progressive medical companies in the Sialkot. With our extensive wide range of Bipolar Forceps. Electrosurgical Cables, Diathermy Pencils, Patient Return Plates and Electrodes plus with a combination of forefather business experience in the medical field, our products are specifically designed to offer both exceptional quality and value for money to Healthcare Professionals and Organisations. MANUFACTURING SURGICAL AND ELECTROSURGICAL INSTRUMENTS AND ASSESSORIES BIPOLAR FORCEPS, BIPOLAR CABLES, MONOPOLAR FORCEPS, MONOPOLAR CABLES ELECTROSURGICAL PENCILS, ELECTRODES, LOOP ELECTRODES, LAPAROSCOPIC INSTRUMENTS, GYNAECOLOGY SPECULUMS DISPOSABLE ACCESSORIES, ELECTROSURGERY FORCEPS, BIPOLAR EUROPEAN FLAT PLUG FITTING, OPHTHALMIC ENT FORCEPS GENERAL SURGERY FORCEPS, NON-STICK FORCEPS, BLOCK PATRON FORCEPS, IRRIGATION FORCEPS OPHTHALMIC ENT FORCEPS, GENERAL SURGERY FORCEPS, NON-STICK FORCEPS, IRRIGATION FORCEPS, MONOPOLAR ELECTROSURGICAL FORCEPS MONOPOLAR ANATOMICAL PLUG FITTING, TITANIUM BIPOLAR FORCEPS, SEALERS AND SCISSORS, BIPOLAR ARTERY SEALER ELECTROSURGERY CABLES, BIPOLAR CABLES, MONOPOLAR CABLES, DIATHERMY PENCILS HAND CONTROL ESU PENCIL ELECTROSURGERY CABLES, BIPOLAR CABLES, MONOPOLAR CABLES DISPOSABLE FORCEPS, BIPOLAR EUROPEAN FLAT PLUG FITTING BIPOLAR CABLE, MONOPOLAR CABLE, DIATHERMY PATIENT PLATES, SILICON RUBBER PLATES, PREMIUM SILICON RUBBER PLATES DISPOSABLE DIATHERMY PADS, CONNECTING CABLES, TIP CLEANERS, UPGRADED SILICON RUBBER PLATES, LAPAROSCOPIC ACCESSORIES, LAPAROSCOPIC FORCEPS, LAPAROSCOPIC ELECTRODES, ENT & ARTHROSCOPIC, ARTHROSCOPIC HAND PIECES, ENDOSCOPIC HAND PIECES, CROCODILE TIPS AND HANDLES. Gynecology Instruments Electrosurgery Forceps Electrosurgery Cables Sealers & Scissors Diathermy Electrodes Disposable Forceps Diathermy Pencils Diathermy Patient Plates ENT & Arthroscopic Laparoscopic Accessories