5 Major Equipment Used by Blocked Drain Plumber for Best Quality Drain Cleaning

David Fenton Feb 11, 2020 0 58

If you are facing a problem with a blocked or clogged drain, you might get anxious and irritated. Drains are an essential part of our house structure and daily living. It is very important for the sewers to get maintained and cleaned at regular intervals to get rid of all kinds of blocking and clogging. But despite our best efforts, sometimes the drains get clogged. Thus, we need a blocked drain plumber who has the necessary skills and equipment required to clear the clogged drains.

To get rid of your blocked drain problem, you need a blocked drain plumber who is fully qualified, skilled and has the necessary license to solve your drain issues. In addition to all these crucial skills, you need a blocked drain plumber who is armed with the best quality equipment required for drain cleaning and repair.

blocked drain plumber

But, how do we know if the plumber has enough arsenal needed to solve your clogged drain problem?

Well, this article will serve as a guide to let you know about the different equipment that should be in the toolkit of the best-blocked drain plumbers. Gone are the days when the plumbers used primitive tools; in this technologically advanced era, most plumbers use different tools and equipment.

Important tools and equipment blocked drains

CCTV Drain Camera:

Well, if you think that CCTV cameras are just about security and safety, you are mistaken. If your drainage system faces the same type of clogging now and then, it is time to detect or identify the real problem. Thus, in this situation, the plumber will need a CCTV sewer camera.  These cameras are also helpful in knowing about breakages and leakages in drain pipes if any.

Electric eel:

Every blocked drain experts and plumbers must use the electric eel. The electric eel is a mechanical cutting head which is mounted with a cable. The electric eel can be used easily to get rid of any tree roots or any kind of toilet paper blockage. The electric eel can be used inside the drain as well as outside the drain to get rid of any kind of obstruction. The electric eel is best for all types of blocked toilet drains, blocked shower drains, and other indoor drain blockages.

Hydro Jetter:

If the plumber wants to reach deeper areas that were not covered by the electric eel, he/she can use the hydro jetting. The hydro jetters are mostly used to clean the hard to reach areas. The hydro jetters work in the same manner as a household water pressure hose. The best part about a hydro better is that it is used to get rid of fatty and greasy build-ups. Thus, if you need to clean any kind of stubborn waste material that you are not able to get rid of, you need to hire a drain plumber who has the hydro better with him.

Excavating and Replacing:

When it comes to repairing and cleaning of clogged drains blocked drain plumber It also needs different types of excavation and replacing tools. Most drains that are older, and overused needs excavation and replacement. They need excavation and the replacement because cleaning or repairing them won’t give you the desired result.

blocked drain plumber

When you look at any blockage or leakage in your drain, try to get the services of the best blocked drain plumber. Drain plumbers have the required qualifications and training that are needed for drain cleaning and repairs. So, next time your drain gets clogged, don’t be upset and stressed, call the best-blocked drain plumber.



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