5 Trending Designs Of PVC Ceiling Panels Melbourne

5 Trending Designs Of PVC Ceiling Panels Melbourne

The latest trend of simplicity while opting for flat ceilings no longer holds good. There are many who are looking for items to make the flat ceilings look attractive at bare minimum cost. Earlier the cost of the false ceiling materials used to be very high but now it is very economical. The ceiling space of both commercials, as well as residential properties, can be very easily adorned. Initially, the prices were very high, but now we find that the prices for PVC ceiling panels Melbourne are affordable.

We find various types of false ceilings at homes, in offices, in shopping complexes, restaurants, and cafes, studios and theatres. Plenum space is the area above the false ceiling. The drop ceilings allow cooling inside the room especially when the height of the room is more. The space for the air conditioner automatically gets reduced. In fact, covering of the upper area has its many advantages of providing space for the air conditioner ducts as well as the concealed wiring, fixing of the light frames, security cameras, fire sprinklers as well as other fixtures. This adds beauty to the ceiling as well as provides a base for the various kinds of decorative lights and fans. This is the magic of pvc ceiling panels Melbourne.

There are so many types of false ceilings that are used for home interior decoration. The false ceilings can be differentiated according to the materials used, applications, visibility, and appearance. The PVC ceiling panels Melbourne are moisture-resistant, preventing the dripping of water from the ceilings and are lightweight. The PVC ceiling tiles can be easily cleaned, and this addresses the challenge of unhygienic ceilings. The durable surface allows it to be easily maintained and when cleaned becomes bright and hygienic. The tiles are waterproof, light in weight, termite proof and easy to maintain.  These are found in a myriad of colors and can be polished and painted.

The Five Trending Designs For PVC Ceiling Panels Melbourne Are As Below –

PVC Ceiling Panels Melbourne

  • PVC Ceiling designs at Rs 40 per square feet

  • PVC False Ceiling Panel at Rs 38 per square feet

  • Office PVC Ceiling Panel at Rs 75 per square feet

  • Designer White PVC Ceiling Panel at Rs 50 per square feet

  • PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels at Rs 85 per piece.

Advantages of PVC ceiling panels Melbourne:

Inexpensive to make and install

Produced in mass quantities and they are available through a number of distributors and income in every color.

PVC ceilings are sturdy and durable. These ceilings are long-lasting and need very little maintenance.

Disadvantages of the PVC ceiling panels Melbourne:

PVC Ceiling Panels Melbourne

PVC uses Chlorine which is a very toxic and dangerous gas in its natural state.

It is less attractive compared to the other type of false ceilings.

There is no need to remove the old wallpaper or the wall tiles to energize the room. The old walls and ceilings which are looking ugly with age or with damp can be livened up with PVC panels.

One can choose from Matt colors, Bead Board designs, Beech Effect, Aluminium Brass, Bamboo Effect, Blue Strip Effect, Bronze Effect, Crema Marble, Gloss White, Textile Effect, Gloss White Splash Back, Walnut Effect, Granite Effect, Grey Stripe, Marble Effect, and 3D Teak Effect.

So, it is evident that the panels made of durable PVC offer many advantages compared to the traditional wall materials. The best part about these panels is that these are versatile and can be used anywhere, be it bathrooms, swimming pool, houseboat, kitchen, workshops, sports, and leisure center. The other features include termite-proof, mold-resistant, fire retardant, easy to clean, environment-friendly and recyclable. There are many décor companies that display the trending designs of PVC ceiling panels Melbourne on their sites.


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