The 2020 Range of Kubota Mini Excavators


The 2020 Range of Kubota Mini Excavators

Are you looking for the right mini excavators that are commonly used by tradesmen, builders and handymen? If yes, you are in the right place. We will be talking about the world-famous Kubota Mini Excavators and why they could be one of your best choices.

We also will look at four different models of Kubota mini excavators in brief. We will also uncover what these machines are all about. A look at their uses and specification information will also help you to have a better idea about mini excavators.

Hopefully this article will help you to make the right excavator choice.

 What Are Mini Excavators & What Are Their Uses?

Mini excavators were originally known as mechanical shovels and are commonly used whenever there is a need for earthmoving or demolition of small structures.

These could include sheds, small walls and other concrete constructions. They help in effortlessly demolishing and destroying small structures that need to be dismantled for various purposes. They are easy to handle because of their small size.

They can easily move around in small spaces. They can easily negotiate narrow spaces and get around gates quite effortlessly. They are also used for various other purposes including garden landscaping, removal of ground soil and for preparing the earth for concrete slabs and also for tree removals and other such related purposes.

Some Other Areas Where They Come in Handy

Apart from the above uses, there are also many other applications as far as these Mini Excavators are concerned. They are commonly used for digging holes, plowing through snow, repairing of sewer lines, making small trenches and also for digging work such as for swimming pools and garden ponds.

However, it is important to choose the right brand of mini excavator hire and the users must also have thorough knowledge regarding the correct operation of these machines with a focus on safe operation, if you have never used an excavator before, ensure you either take a short course or ask your rental company if they can provide some hands on training.

With the above brief, regarding the various benefits and uses of Mini Excavators, we will take a look now at the choices you have when hiring and excavator.

With so many options around, choosing the right mini excavator can seem difficult, however we can say without a doubt that the most popular machinery on the market today are Kubota Excavators.

Kubota is extremely experienced and offer different models of excavators to suit specific needs and requirements. Below is a brief review of four models of Kubota excavators so that you can gain a better understanding of this brand.

Kubota K008

If you are looking for a clean-running and highly efficient mini excavator, then the Kubota K008 excavator could be a good choice. It is also known for its fuel efficiency apart from low vibration and low noise levels.

It also is complaint with EPA's Tier IV emission standards as prescribed in 2013. It can be operated both in SAE and ISO operating systems because of the popular TPSS (Two Pattern Selection System) technology.

Kubota U17

There are quite a few things interesting and impressive about the Kubota U17 excavator series. One of the most striking things about this model of mini excavator is that it is a combination of smart design and efficiency. It has a boom cylinder located above the boom.

This is a good design and engineering feature because it helps to keep maintenance costs very low. The rod of the cylinder does not get damaged too frequently as it happens with other manufacturers and their models.

Kubota U25

The Kubota U25 excavator can be described in three words. It is powerful, versatile and compact. It could be one of the best choices if you have a tight budget to work on. It has a good track record of offering the best value for money.

You can certainly have quite a few benefits using this mini excavator without having to spend big money. You also can make it work efficiently on congested sites where other brands and makes may not be of much use.

Kubota U35

If you are on the lookout for a versatile and compact mini excavator, you could try out the Kubota U35 excavator. It also has a powerful engine.

The build is also robust and tough and therefore it can take hits and jerks along the way. The operation is also easy and even fresh users will not struggle using this mini excavator.


We hope you now have a brief idea about the uses and benefits of mini excavators. Further, the four models of Kubota Excavators will hopefully provide you some understanding on how to choose the correct machinery for the job.

There is no doubt that Kubota mini excavators are the most commonly purchased, rented and used machines across the country. They are available on rent from any reputed excavator hire company.

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