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Make Moving a House Less Stressful

Moving is for most people hard work and stressful. Whether you are moving to a bigger place or downgrading, staying in state or moving out of it, there is a lot to think about. Weeks, even months of your life are all about packing, organizing, making calls, and more. Using a great moving home checklist is one of the ways you can take the pressure off and make the experience less painful. Here is a look at why it is stressful and more tips to help smooth things out.

What makes it so stressful?

For many people, it comes down to costs, emotional strain, physical strain, the interruption to your daily life, and the time it takes up. Here is a closer look,

?     Moving costs money - The fact is however you do this there is going to be a need to spend money. You will need a truck or van, packing materials, fuel and more. If you hire movers there is the cost of using them too though then the fuel and truck are a part of that cost. Not to mention those other costs like putting down bond money, or paying property taxes and such.

?     Emotional costs - Moving is hard emotionally too. Even if the distance is small you have adjustments to make to the new people around you, the area, and losing things that were familiar to you from the old place. As much as you might need the change, letting go of the memories and relationships is hard.

?     Interrupting your life - The fact is no matter how organised you are, this will interrupt your life and there may be some problems solving to deal with certain issues. When you are doing something like moving Melbourne to Perth that is only natural. This means taking time from your family, friends, work and giving up relaxation time, to work on the moving process, for weeks if not months.

?     Taking up a lot of time - The process takes up a lot of time when you add it all up. There are a lot of details to consider and then practical things to do. Sometimes people underestimate how much time it takes and then are rushed and that adds even more stress to the process.

Making the process less stressful

There are some things you can do to manage some of that stress and here are some ideas;

?     Hire the best movers who come with their own packing materials, truck, movers and take on the heavy lifting and physical work

?     Clear your schedule so you can give the process some real focus

?     Start packing a good 3 months ahead of time in rooms you do not use

?     Use the opportunity to declutter so you do not pack and move everything to your new place

?     On the day have snacks, water and an overnight essentials bag ready as well as some cash ready

?     Do not put off problems as they come up. Make the calls, go out and get what you need, when it comes up so problems do not snowball into each other

?     Be flexible

?     Pay for a cleaner to handle cleaning up the home after the belongings are packed up

If you have pets and children there are some additional things you can do to make it easier for them and you!

?     Cats do not like change and can become very anxious, consider having them out of the home when it is happening with friends or keep them shut in one room on the day

?     Talk to children about why you are moving and have them help packing but have them out of the house with friends on moving day

?     Get a new routine started as soon as you can at the new place

?     With pets, you should slowly introduce the new home and let them explore slowly without forcing the issue

?     Have the children pack a box of essentials that they need on that first night like their blanket, favourite toy and such

Moving Melbourne to Perth is always going to be hard work but with help and planning, it does not have to be as stressful as it can be for some people.

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