Moving to Australia- Things to Know Before Moving


Moving to Australia- Things to Know Before Moving

Are you prepared for a fresh start in Australia? Remitly knows this will be a busy time with much new information to the Moving Process. This overview of the process should be helpful, from applying for a visa to considering your options for supporting family and friends back home.

1. Request for a visa

 Visas are available for individuals who wish to relocate to Australia for various reasons. In general, tickets can get applied for on the website of the Australian government:

It is possible to obtain a five-year visa to study in the country, but you must get accepted at an institution on the approved list.

You'll need a work visa, which can vary based on the type of work you want; some work visas even allow you to remain permanently if you meet specific requirements.

Fees and documentation requirements can vary significantly between visa types; therefore, it is essential to review the visa's official requirements before applying. Here is a more comprehensive guide to applying for an Australian visa.

2. Establishing an Australian financial institution

 Having an Australian bank account will facilitate your transition. You can open an account online before moving to Australia, provided your passport and visa information are on hand.

After completing this procedure online, you may only be able to access your account and make deposits via the bank's website or mobile app.

You must establish permanent residence in Australia and provide proper identification at a branch to withdraw or use other account features. Various Australian financial institutions may request the following forms of identification, among the most common:

Taxes and utility costs Lease Agreement

3) Funding medical care

In Australia, the government-funded Medicare programme provides medical services, but many individuals purchase private health insurance to cover ambulance rides and other services not covered by Medicare.

Some visas may qualify you for Medicare coverage.



Malta and the Netherlands are both territories of Italy.

Such nations as New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, the Republic of Ireland, and Sweden are members of the G7.

Since most newcomers will not be eligible for Medicare, the Australian government strongly recommends that all newcomers obtain private health insurance, whether or not it is a visa requirement.

Suppose you do not have health insurance or are not eligible for the Australian government's Medicare programme. In that case, you will be responsible for the entire cost of any medical care you receive in Australia.

In addition, even if they qualify for Medicare, most students will be required to purchase Overseas Student Health Cover from an approved insurance provider.

4) Pressures of inflation on living expenses

While it is reasonable to prioritize the initial costs of your move to Australia, such as your visa and health insurance, it is also prudent to keep track of your anticipated monthly expenses once you have settled in.

The answer to this question will be highly dependent on context and location. For example, the average rent in Canberra is significantly higher than the average rent in Perth. Consider the following to gain an understanding of your expenses:

5) Locating a residence

 Huge Australia is home to numerous bustling cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth. You can utilize one of the countless online rental property search sites to compare the most desirable housing options before moving to a new location.

You can filter your search results by price, location within a particular city or region, number of bedrooms, etc.

Homestays, in which families host international students in their own homes, are advertised online or through your school's housing office.

6) Australia's transportation

 There are numerous options for public transportation in Australia. The availability of trains, trams, buses, and coaches facilitates travel within and between cities.

Melbourne has one of the largest tram networks in the world, while Sydney is the only city with an automated rapid transit system (with its first metro line opening in 2019).

In Australia, prices vary from region to region, so it is prudent to conduct research beforehand. Some Australian territories may offer international students fee waivers.

7) Preliminary Specifics

 This information is intended to provide Australian immigrants with additional information they may find helpful.

There will be over 7.6 million migrants in Australia by 2020, with the largest immigrant populations coming from China, India, and the United Kingdom.

Australian slang is an integral part of the culture, with phrases such as "hooroo" (goodbye), "arvo" (afternoon), and "thongs" (shorts) (flip-flops). When the UV index gets predicted to be three or higher, dermatologists in Australia recommend that everyone apply sunscreen.

After relocating to Australia, sending money back to friends and family as one-time gifts or as regular, necessary funds to support their living and educational expenses may be one of your top priorities.

Even though your Australian bank or an over-the-counter remittance company should be able to handle this, online-only transfer services should be considered.

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