The Ultimate Guide to Buying Custom Printed Marquees

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Custom Printed Marquees

People have realized that one of the
best ways to promote their business is by using custom printed marquees. It gives businesses the chance to display
their brand information and stand out from the crowd. Whether it is an indoor
or an outdoor event, you would sure be grabbing some eyeballs if you make the
right choices. Purchasing the right kind of marquee will help ensure that it
serves the purpose.

Consider its

Printed marquees

come in all sizes and shapes, from small to large and from tall to short.
Choosing the right size is all up to you. But you need to consider the items
that you will be sheltering. You would also have to think about the potential
customers who would show up to your pop up tent.

In order to market yourself
effectively, you have to stand out from the competitors. Getting a tall marquee
would ensure that you won’t be obstructed even with other businesses around. There
are free design services for a branded marquee, and you can do well with those.

Placement of
Brand Logo

The roof of the custom printed
could be the ideal position to display your brand’s
logo. This way, your brand can easily be spotted from a fair distance and will
attract potential customers. If someone is interested, they will visit for more
information. The placement should be in such a position that the logo becomes
properly visible and there is a proper, bright, and unhindered display of the

Check if it
requires Walls

For example, an indoor event
eliminates the need to use walled marquees enabling you to attract customers
from all directions.

For an outdoor event, however, you will
need walled marquees to safeguard potential customers from outside barriers.
The weather would also be a determinant factor on whether you will need a wall
for your custom printed marquee
or not.

Setting It up 

A marquee bought for the purpose of
marketing needs to be easy to set up and convenient to bring it down.
Therefore, you need to ensure that your custom printed marquee can be set up
easily hence using less time before the event begins. The size also plays a
crucial role here. The bigger the marquee is, the more time it will take to put
it in place. You should have the right structure and frame for the marquee so
that it stands erect. This is also important because the right setting gives
the final version to the beauty of the space.


You can very easily overwhelm the
viewer by filling up every square inch of the marquee with information. The main idea behind custom printed
marquees is to convey the
basics like brand name, what you do, and how to contact you.

Communicate wisely and make sure your
words are large, in a clear font and easy to read. Try making an impact by
including brand consistent colors and professional graphics. You can talk to
them about uploading the prints and the logos accordingly.

Look into the
Quality of Fabric

Once you are done working on the
design, font, and other aspects, it is important to look into the quality of
the fabric. This is especially true if you plan on getting custom printed marquees for an outdoor event.
You will have to ensure that the marquee is fully sealed, is waterproof and does
not allow UV rays to penetrate through. Now there are many online shops  where you can customize the designs. The custom printed varieties allow for
having the most innovative designs that can enhance the quality of any

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