Find Safety, Security and Design Value With Automatic Bollards

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Find Safety, Security and Design Value With Automatic Bollards

Bollards have become increasingly popular due to the general concerns about the security and aesthetics of urban areas. These simple structures are not only practical but also the most cost-effective way to erect an anti-ram perimeter. Even normal bollards are quite good at not creating a visual sense of a fortified place. But with the wide popularity of automatic bollards, the functionality of these structures has increased a lot. They are more aesthetically pleasing because they can disappear flush with the ground.

This makes them completely invisible when not in operation. You can easily mistake it for a floor or a drain when it is inside the ground. This makes it the perfect way to stop cars from entering a place without implementing any ugly gate or imposing barricades.

How versatile are these bollards

Since automatic bollards are retractable, they offer different levels of access restrictions that are very useful for both homeowners as well as traffic control. They can be used to indicate whether people can drive or park their vehicles in certain areas. As a homeowner, you can easily block your driveway using these bollards and then park your car when you require. This is one of the best ways to protect your own parking spot from people who park their cars illegally. 

Find the right company to set it up for you

Setting up automatic bollards is not easy and requires a lot of expertise. You can get yours set up by one of the many companies all across Australia. You should try to find someone locally who has prior experience in setting up bollards. They can then guide you on what exact requirements you want. You can have them set up at different heights. For instance, they can even go up to a height of 900mm and you can set up bollards that will reach 900mm within 4 seconds. You will also have to think about how many bollards you will need. Sometimes placing only one in a strategic location will do the job but usually, people require at least two bollards if they are planning to secure their driveway or somewhere similar within their property. They can be strategically placed so that you do not need to install too many of them.

Get bollards that accentuate the architecture

When getting automatic bollards you should look for designs that go well with the existing architecture. Although the automatic ones appear technologically advanced and futuristic they can still blend in well with the old world designs. Moreover, they can be made to disappear in the grounds thus preserving the aesthetic appeal of the house.

Find the right company for automatic bollards

When you are getting the bollards installed you should do some research to find the best one to get the job done. While most companies install this equipment, you should get someone who offers a guarantee on their work and also offers regular maintenance.

A malfunctioning automatic bollard can be very problematic and you do not want to miss work because your car got stuck inside your own driveway or an event’s smooth flow can also be disrupted by stuck cars. This is why you should opt for a reputable company that will offer regular services and also help you in case there is any malfunction.

You can always call these firms to get a quote. The price of automatic bollards depends on their resistance ratings. If you are planning to get them installed at a commercial business location you will have to opt for hydraulic bollards that have high crash resistance. They can be a cost-effective way to prevent unwanted vehicle’s access.

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