Top 5 Places To Buy Funky & Novelty Socks In Australia

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Top 5 Places To Buy Funky & Novelty Socks In Australia

Socks, believe it or not, are essential clothing items. Known for their importance, functionality and aesthetics- it is one thing, people shouldn't overlook. Don't be that guy, who wears formal white socks in casual and workout socks when going to an event. To put it simply, there should be different socks for a different event.  There are various quirky, funky socks that come in different designs, fabrics and sizes. Choose breathable material for body hygiene during sunny days. Wicking socks are designed so you can exercise in summer without worrying about your feet sweat. Even designers have started to include socks in their seasonal collection, or as an evergreen accessory. So, if you are looking to buy novelty socks online in Australia, keep on reading: 

Sox By Angus 

A sock by Angus, with 15 years of experience, gives the best of both worlds to you. With a vision, their socks are made to give you comfortable, premium socks you can afford. They are produced by an environmentally friendly, family-backed Australian sock company that aims to give you Australia's very best novelty socks.


Sox by Angus is your one-stop solution when searching for socks (for all genders, season and sizes). From formal socks to party-ready funky socks- they should be the favourite spot in Australia when it comes to something quirky and fun.

Lamb Chops Socks 

Lambchops Socks isn't just any other sock brand in the market.  It's a way of expressing yourself while participating in slow fashion simultaneously, which contributes to a greener world. They are made through sustainable farming, using no pesticide or any harm to the natural resource. Bamboo promotes the wicking of moisture, antibacterial properties, and cooler feet, meaning less sweat, dirt, and odour. Perfect for wicking hiking socks.


Weatherproof is a global online supplier of premium socks at affordable prices, they design the coolest socks in different colours and styles, helping individuals express their character and expression in a unique way! Since 1988, their brand has developed a major reputation throughout Australia and many parts of the world, with strong links with many leading sock manufacturers around the world ensuring that only the best quality products are sourced and made available to the end consumer.


Downunder Socks 

Down Under Socks manufactures amazing novelty socks in Australia. Started with a spirit of providing fair-priced perky socks. They sell online to cover a wider range of audience worldwide.  If you are looking for socks online in Australia, then browse their collection. They work complimenting their audience’s preferences for utmost satisfaction, keeping their customer service in priority.

Linder Quality Socks 

They are proud to be 'genuinely Australian' certified and to bear on all their products the Australian Made logo - the true Aussie authenticity mark. As a small regional company, you not only get the best possible quality when you buy their socks, accessories, and apparel, you also support regional Australia and their local jobs, growers, and charities. So if you are searching for funky socks in Australia, you know where to go! 

Well! As you may see, there are so many companies offering a variety of socks ranging from funky, bamboo, and novelty socks in Australia. All you need to do is choose what works best for you!